Continuous Learning

We know that building a relationship with consumers is important to a brand. However, we also understand that staying engaged in their lives is often easier said than done. We have developed a monthly continuous learning program that gives companies the opportunity to keep consumers top of mind and foster an on-going relationship with them. Our in-house Studio team can even brand the program specifically for your business to help drive cohesion of the program and make it your own.


We think it’s a great program but rather than asking you to take our word for it, we reached out to Allie Engelhart who has spearheaded a successful continuous learning program for her team. She worked hand-in-hand with Seek to create their customized monthly program now known as Atlas.

Allie joined P&G as a Consumer Market and Knowledge Intern within Family Care.  She is now a full-time member of the North American Baby Care team and her primary focus is Luvs, Pants and Wipes.  


Seek: Tell us a bit about the continuous learning program designed for your team.

Atlas was designed to be a first of its kind, engaging program that enables our multi-functional business team to develop a deep gut level understanding of our consumers. The program was built in two parts: activations and immersions. In an activation, 40 physical boxes show up in the office once a month and they are filled with activities and data that bring certain business related topics to life.  Immersions occur twice a year and they allow our 40 person team to leave the building for a day to spend time with the people we serve.


Seek: How has this helped you and the team to better understand your consumer target?

It was extremely encouraging to see how quickly our business embraced the program! The Baby Care team loves the hands on learning style as well as the layer of competition included in each activation. Members have reported using the insights found in boxes to fuel their work plans.  The leadership team noted that our first immersion was extremely beneficial and the findings were used to drive large business decisions.


Seek: What is it that makes you most proud of this program?

I am proud of the Seek/P&G team for not being afraid to bring the consumer’s voice to life in a new way. I love how iterative the process has been. By monitoring how the content is received and interacted with, we are able to get better at serving the multifunctional team with each and every box.


Seek: In what ways has the program benefited you personally?

I have had a blast working on Atlas. Being new to the Baby Care family, it has been a great opportunity for me to dig into and reorganize data from all around our business.  This provides me with a more holistic view of our portfolio and consumers. Atlas has also been an excellent creative outlet in my work plan. Brainstorming sessions with the Seek team are energizing and practicing how to bring concepts to life in an engaging format will be very beneficial as I progress through my career.