Deeper insight into the needs of realtors leads to new products and increased lending.


Our Client

U.S. Regional Bank

The Industry


Our Methods

 In Depth Interviews, Ideation

The Challenge

A U.S. regional banking corporation, approached Seek to help them develop new financial products for real estate agents. that would make them more attractive than their competitors. They specifically wanted ideas that addressed the challenges agents were facing due to the recession.

Client Objectives

  • Gain insight into the unmet needs of real estate agents.
  • Assess competitive landscape.
  • Generate product ideas to address the challenges that agents were facing due to the recession and give them a competitive advantage.

Our Empathic Approach

Seek conducted in-depth interviews with real estate agents across the USA to better understand their relationships with lenders, their challenges and incentive structures. We also researched best in class practices between lenders and agents. Using these consumer insights and research findings, we designed and led a two-day ideation session to generate new ideas for products and services that would truly serve the needs of the real estate agents.

As a result…

  • The team developed 5 “best in class” product offerings.
  • Their lending increased by 25% despite the weak economy.

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