Food & Beverage

Refined insights lead to message & product innovation.


Our Client

Global Consumer Goods Company

The Industry

Food & Beverage

Our Methods

Refine Insights, Ideation

The Challenge

Our client, their associated suppliers and agency had a pipeline of small initiative ideas but lacked rich consumer insights that connected the ideas to the needs of their consumer and fueled innovation.

Client Objectives

  • Transform existing research materials into deeper consumer driven insights.
  • Engage stakeholders and expand innovation strategy.

Our Empathic Approach

Seek led the client team through an empathic insight session with the intention of transforming their existing consumer research into human insights that revealed opportunities for innovation. Following the insight overhaul, we led a custom ideation session designed to quickly put their ideas into action. Members of our studio team created visual expressions of their ideas along with compelling copy to articulate their top level insights and inspired innovation.

As a result…

  • The team will walk away with 4 refined insights and corresponding idea-cepts.
  • The team was able to connect an additional key benefit of their product to a real consumer motivation.
  • They expanded their product offerings and created fiber bars that paid off their benefit claim.
  • A successful campaign was launched around the health benefits of their new product.

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