Start-up Brand

A single ingredient to full product launch in less than a year.


Our Client

A Start-Up

The Industry

 CPG, Skincare

Our Methods

Knowledge Audit, Brand Strategy, Empathy Training,
Consumer Immersions, Ideation

The Challenge

A renewable products provider known for providing their sustainable ingredients to cosmetic companies, wanted to use their revolutionary science to create their own line of skin care products and quickly launch a new brand directly to consumers.

Client Objectives

  • Identify and  gain complete understanding of their target consumer.
  • Defined their brand identity, and product story.
  • Develop ideas with a visual expression to provide direction for the downstream creative process & test with consumers.

Our Empathic Approach

Seek experts facilitated our brand archetype workshop to help define their brand identity, product story and create a framework that reflects the dynamics of a human relationship and informs strategic decisions. Next, we conducted consumer immersions designed to give the client team deeper insight into the lives of their target consumer and the underlying motivations behind her behavior.  This was followed by ideation workshops where we refined the insights and developed concept ideas. Ten concepts were developed and four concepts were used for further testing.

As a result…

  • The brand archetype portfolio and consumer insights led to quick concept development & management alignment.
  • With a complete understanding of their consumer, the client team has successfully created a package design and marketing communication that resonates with their target consumer.
  • Brand launched in less than one year and their new skin care product is now in market.

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