We’ve spent years learning about team dynamics and the science behind how people create. Utilizing core principles of human creativity, we generate big ideas to drive innovation that resonates with consumers and delivers on business goals.

Seek’s Creativity Principles

Creativity is not a skill set. It’s a mindset and there are fundamental theories for building and expanding creative thinking capabilities in people.

Our in-house R&D team interviewed over 300 artists, musicians, writers, designers, animators and agency creatives regarding their creative process. They also spent time with neuroscientists and psychologists to learn how the brain functions when working in teams and during creative activities. The research was synthesized to identify the themes and patterns that inform the creativity principles and modules used in our ideation workshops.

Ideation Modules

Engaging activities that are grounded in a creativity principle. They are designed to be high energy and move your team forward to breakthrough ideas. Seek Ideation works well for:

Concept development
Pipeline development
Concept optimization
Marketing communication
Product innovation
Brand positioning

Holistic Design

Client teams and recruited consumers work in tandem to create their desired experience.

Edison Workshops

Seek experts create and lead a workshop informed by the creativity principle that best fits your team and objectives. The workshop includes ideation modules and participants engage in activities that expand their creative capacity without the stress found in typical brainstorming sessions.

Following the ideation session, our brand & creative team integrates all elements (insight sticky headline, visualization, product story, look/tone/feel) to create high quality Idea-Cepts that are ready to inspire your consumers, your agency or your organization.

Do you need big ideas?