Our research methods are designed to get to the core of the human experience and provide you with a more holistic understanding of your consumer. In addition to conscious thinking that is easily articulated, we uncover the perceptions, attitudes, emotions and beliefs that reside in the subconscious mind and drive behavior. We identify the unspoken tensions, pain points and motivators that reveal opportunities for purposeful innovation.

Immersive Learning

An immersive approach works well for understanding the needs, wants and motivators of your consumers and uncovering the conscious and subconscious attitudes, beliefs and emotions that drive consumer behavior. We recommend using this approach for the following:

Shopper Insights & Receptivity
Identifying Need Gaps & Opportunities
Consumer Journey Mapping
Brand Strategy & Positioning
Marketing Communication Development
Brand Assessment
Innovation Pipeline Development
Consumer Storytelling

Red Door

Our signature innovation program is designed to embed you in the lives of your consumer using an empathic approach. We train your team in empathy and non-verbal communication. Our proprietary synthesis framework makes it easy to organize your findings, identify patterns and create consumer stories that inspire innovation.

Lifestyle Immersions

Authentic interactions with your consumers in a real world setting that is relevant to your business objectives (i.e. restaurant, bar, event, hiking, dog park).

Social Immersions

Spend time with your consumers as they interact with friends, co-workers and family to gain a more uninhibited look into their lives.


Spend time shopping with your consumer to examine their real time shopping behavior and ask questions throughout the experience.

Consumer Connections & In-Depth Interviews

Our version of a focus group that gets you out from behind the glass to connect with your consumer. These are designed to put your team in direct contact with the people you serve. We create and facilitate one-on-one or small group discussions that include hands-on activities relevant to your brand and focus area.

Online & Mobile

Combine a qualitative researcher with the latest software to access a broader and more diverse group of consumers. We organize your data into key themes and stories giving you general insight into motivators, habits & practices, pain points and unmet needs. These methods work well for the following:

Foundational knowledge
Brand or product auditing
Competitive analysis
Narrowing scope for research
Consumer understanding of trending themes

#nofilter  (Watch Video)

People are talking about your brand and industry online. Their unsolicited commentary provides unique access to what they are thinking and feeling. Our social media consultants mine this stream of qualitative data to find potential opportunities in relation to your brand and the needs of the people you serve.

Digital Pen Pal

We observe online habits of your target consumers through the social media platforms that they use most often. We then use those observations and engage your consumers in activities such as e-mail exchanges and video chats to gain deeper insights.

Online IDI’s

Provides access to a geographically diverse group of people without travel time & expense.

Refine existing research

Using our empathic approach, we audit your existing research and dig deeper to find the human insights. We then work with you to align on consumer tensions, implications, and opportunities for your brand.

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