Social Media Analysis, Humanized

People are talking about your brand and industry online. Their unsolicited commentary provides unique access to what they are thinking and feeling. Our social media consultants mine this stream of qualitative data to find potential opportunities in relation to your brand and the needs of the people you serve. They read and hand-code commentary from blogs, forums and social channels to find overarching themes that are relevant to your brand and objectives. These themes and the supporting commentary are organized and transformed into actionable insights that provide direction and help build a strategy.


Foundational Knowledge

Brand or Product Auditing

Competitive Analysis

Narrow Scope For Research

Consumer Understanding of Trending Themes

The #nofilter Advantage

  • We organize your data into key themes and stories giving you general insight into motivators, habits & practices, pain points and unmet needs.
  • We capture sarcasm, contradiction, double negatives, misspellings, profanity and emotion that will be missed or filtered when using only sentiment mining software.
  • Provides access to a geographically diverse group of people without travel time & expense.
  • Just 2-weeks for research, analysis and a final report.


To learn more about #nofilter contact, Lara Hawketts.