Taking A Risk

In 1997, Bob died. You didn’t know Bob. But, you do.


Bob and Tim used to walk into work together from the parking lot by their towering office building. Bob, the veteran; Tim, the young guy with big aspirations. The conversations often centered on Bob’s frustrations with his job and the years he’d spent punching the clock. Bob was counting down the days until his retirement, waiting for the chance to focus on his passions. He had thirty years of expertise and endless potential to create something remarkable; all that stood between him and his dream was a handful of weeks at work.


Three weeks before his retirement, Bob suffered a heart attack and died. That day, Tim quit his job, and Seek was born.


Tim set out to create a market research company that would get to the core of the human experience and bring meaning to the marketplace. He wanted to create a place where people like Bob could thrive. He believed that people feel more alive — and do better work — when they are connected to those they serve and have the potential to change people’s lives.


Early in Seek’s formation, Tim forged a partnership with another entrepreneur, also inspired by tragedy. Enter Jerry Haselmayer.


When he was seven, Jerry saw his dad Gerald become a quadriplegic when he slipped, hit his head, and broke his neck. The doctors told Gerald that bedsores would eventually develop and become septic. They gave him six to eight years to live.


But Gerald would not accept that fate. A natural problem-solver, he set out to redesign his mattress, inventing one that prevented him from getting bedsores. Five decades later, Gerald is going strong—and has never had a bedsore.


Although too young to know what the word innovator meant, Jerry saw first hand that the answers to life’s toughest problems dwell inside the people who experience them every day. By connecting with their struggle – either personally or empathically – something of real value could be made. After years of watching his dad build and create solutions tailored to his needs, Jerry knew he wanted to be a part of making people’s lives better, one innovation at a time.


Jerry joined Seek in 2003.


Together as owners, Tim and Jerry unleashed a profound concept into market research—human-inspired innovation. The synergy of combining deep human understanding with life-changing innovation has set Seek sprinting toward something brilliant and profound.


In that process, clients are delighted and our ranks are growing. We are a curious collective. We’re scientists and artists, designers, writers, talkers, listeners, students, and dreamers. And we’ve only just begun to bringing meaning to the marketplace.