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Full Body Problem Solving

Are you getting actionable insights that engage your organization and inspire ideas for meaningful innovation?


We believe that engaging your head, heart & gut is the best way to innovate. It starts with empathy. An empathic connection with real people leads to an understanding of the “why” behind their behavior and fuels a desire to act on their behalf.


Then it’s time to share these insights with the rest of your organization. The majority of our industry communicates research findings through reports or presentations filled with facts and figures. While this data may be important, it could be at risk for ending up in a binder that sits on a shelf somewhere in your office.


In this workshop, CEO Tim Urmston illustrates the power of full body problem solving.  He demonstrates how our brains are wired for stories and why stories elicit emotion and create empathic connections. Empathy for our consumers engages our imagination and inspires meaningful innovation. Ultimately, effective storytelling can transform the brand-to-consumer relationship into a human-to-human relationship. 


Participants leave with a general understanding of empathy and how to apply storytelling techniques in their own work. Tim’s passion inspires everyone to be the storytellers in their organization.

About Tim

Tim Urmston is the Founder and CEO of Seek Company. Tim created Seek with a desire to transform market research. Under Tim’s leadership, Seek is pioneering new ways to help companies get better insights and create innovation that makes a meaningful difference in the lives of the people they serve. He resides in Cincinnati with his wife Joanne and four children. He also serves as the offensive coordinator for the Taylor High School, teaches a weekly leadership class and facilitates marriage counseling sessions. A natural storyteller, Tim is passionate about people and the power of their story.

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