I’m a Project Manager at SEEK so I work with multitudes of details to take our project designs and implement them in reality for our clients so our team can help them learn and grow.

David Strasser
What's your background?

I studied both Psychology and Studio Art with a Concentration in Architecture at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. Professionally, I’ve held a myriad of roles within Creative and Marketing Agencies as well as produced films, run workshops in woodwork and welding, and served more tables than I can count.

Favorite book, quote or song?

I’m an incessant word-lover so novel phrasings and obscure lexicons intrigue me. I’m currently trying to work, “you’ve torn our tea time asunder” casually into conversation.

Something you’ve written or found inspiring

Lately, I’ve been in general awe of the warmness of people, strangers even, when I’m candid and/or vulnerable. I recently began practicing this through giving only honest answers (time permitting!) - I find that when I speak truth, others respond reciprocally. Last week, this garnered me free summer vegetables from a neighbor’s organic garden.