My role as a Research & Innovation Consultant requires a combined effort from both the left and right brain: it is a perfect blend of creative thinking, research, and teaching. I help with client-side innovation through research, ideation, engagement, and strategic input. With human wellbeing in mind, I work with clients to help them understand what their consumers are thinking, feel what they are feeling, and ultimately embrace the gut-reaction to help improve their lives.

Dave Sander
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  • Adventurer, Designer, Helper, and Champion For The Consumer

What's your background?

I grew up in a party of 5 in Sunbury, Ohio (small town north of Columbus) on 12 acres with many different, random outdoor pets. Because of our rural upbringing, I’ve always had the desire to see and experience other things, cultures, people and cities while understanding the motivations for why people do the things they do. My earliest experiences to discovering things outside of Ohio were paved through an intense life of playing 3 different traveling sports and then eventually through college baseball. This all fortuned me to earn a degree in Communications Marketing and then later, a degree in Graphic Design. Previous to SEEK I’ve worked a variety of experience (I’ve had a cocktail featured in GQ), though most recently I spent 5 years helping run marketing and design for one of the largest home builders in the U.S.

Favorite book, quote or song?

“The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” - John Wooden

Something you’ve written or found inspiring

I often find myself in awe of human ability and ingenuity. The most recent example was while working in Europe and visiting the Louvre. It was overwhelming to me that humans (pre-technology; 1793) were able to build this immense, massive structure, (seriously, how’d they get those bricks up there) and include the incredible detail and beauty that is shown.