American Retail and Outdoor Recreation Services Corporation

What we did

  • Empathy Training

  • Lifestyle Immersions

  • Shop-alongs

  • Consumer Connects

  • Video Storytelling

  • Ideation

The Challenge

The client wanted to increase their leadership position with a specific segment of cyclists and generate ideas to better engage with them.

The Objectives

  • Gain insight into the motivations and needs for this segment.

  • Identify the similarities and differences between this audience and their other consumer segments.

  • Develop ideas to create experiences and messaging that increases their appeal and credibility with this segment.

  • Identify products and services that appeal specifically to this audience.

Our Empathic Approach

We led the client team through an interactive training session. This provided them with tools & skills to empathically connect with consumers. Next, we set out on consumer immersions & shop-alongs followed by a consumer connect event. Our Studio Team filmed the work to create a consumer insight film that was used to engage those not present for the research. Following the research, we designed a custom ideation workshop and helped the team to generate ideas to best serve their target consumer segment.

As a Result

  • Empathic insights and ideas enhance strategy to attract target consumer

  • The team has a more holistic understanding of what drives the decisions of the target group of cyclists.

  • Through the research, the team identified four primary areas of focus for ideation.