COPD Respiratory

Our Methods

  • Red Door

  • Edison Spark

  • Big Idea Development

  • Stock Market Idea Testing

The Challenge

Our client had long been positioned as a leader in respiratory relief for people with asthma, but recognized the benefit and use of their products by people with COPD. Thus, they wanted to develop a unique COPD positioning in-market. With little existing foundational research on the emotional experiences of people with COPD, our client’s Respiratory team needed to build deep insights and transform them into testable positioning concepts that carried emotional resonance.

Our Empathic Approach

We leveraged SEEK’s unique approach, built around our expertise in how to gain empathic understanding, to build foundational insights and starter concepts. SEEK’s Red Door framework was used in discovering and developing initial consumer insights. From there, our team led an Edison Spark concept development workshop to begin to grow the initial insights.

SEEK’s Big Idea framework was used to begin concepting the discovered insights into emotionally-rele vant ideas for the brand. To test concepts, we used Stock Market testing to generate immediate and highly actionable concepts.

As a Result

The work led to a highly resonant patient concept that moved immediately into commercialization. It also brought about an HCP insight that prompted a brand shift towards emotionally-resonant positioning.

“We have dusted off the HCP insight from our work with SEEK and we are moving forward with a creative brief to our agency on pulling this through. We have a 12 year old brand and not once in this brand’s history have we pulled the empathy lever with physicians….
I am really excited to be a part of this transformation!”