Global Beauty Brand

What we did

  • Empathy Training

  • Consumer Immersions

  • Ideation

  • Concept Writing Workshop

The Challenge

The client was among the first to enter into Natural Skincare market, however, their competitors were quickly beginning to capitalize on the natural ingredients opportunity. The team wanted to research consumer beliefs, attitudes and motivations regarding natural skincare and use the findings to create new concepts.

The Objectives

  • The team had never qualified a concept through quantitative testing and wanted insights to inform new concepts for the creation of line advertising that differentiated their brand & would drive growth across all platforms.

  • They specifically wanted to understand how consumers were interpreting and connecting to key territories (efficacy, healthy, NOs, green) and unearth the real emotion behind why they would use a natural product versus a non-natural product.

Our Empathic Approach

We started with an applied empathy workshop to equip the team with the tools and skills needed to connect with consumers and uncover rich insights. This was followed by consumer immersions designed to take the team directly into the lives of the real people they serve. Four research teams spent time with three different consumers.  Following the immersions, SEEK collaborated with core client team members to identify the top insight spaces and then used them to create new concepts and messaging.

As a Result

  • Empathy helps skincare team create new messaging to engage the women they serve.

  • Multiple concepts qualified through quantitative testing.

  • The concepts informed a national advertising campaign.

  • The team is now equipped with skills and tools to build on-going empathic engagement with their consumers and identify points of entry for ideas that can improve lives.

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