Gucci Guilty

Our Methods

  • Consumer Netnography

  • Immersions

  • Edison Spark

  • Big-Idea Cepts

The Challenge

Gucci Guilty wanted to understand how to direct their communication and marketing strategy focused around the future of provocation. Sex appeal was becoming less provocative in the fragrance industry. Gucci Guilty wanted to uncover the unspoken truths that resonate with the subconscious desire for true, uninhibited passion. It was up to SEEK to explore what true guilty pleasure meant for consumers, then taking our findings to help further develop inspiration for consumer-captivating next steps.

Our Empathic Approach

We started to uncover consumer truths using Netnography, our online research tool, to approach sensitive topics like guilt, passion, sexuality and seduction in a safe place. The best consumers were then chosen to meet in-person in the U.K. In the consumers’ homes, we explored how these platforms play a role in their everyday day life as well as how they intersect with their prestige fragrance use. The team then spent part of day debriefing together coming up with rich, empathic insights that highlighted the human truths for these individuals. The rest of the day was used to build focus areas to inspire the Big Idea creation. Back at SEEK, we utilized the insights and focus areas and built out three key platforms, bringing to life an updated perspective on gender roles, decadence and luxury using artwork to visually express the inspiration.

As a Result

  • One Big Idea, #guiltynotguilty, was used as inspiration for the current Gucci Guilty brand concept and subsequent campaign. Consumers, “want to express their individuality, and when they indulge in any type of pleasure, they don't do it with guilt.”

  • It was estimated that the new ad drawn from this idea touched more than 30% of fragrance consumers and spurred double-digit sales growth for Gucci Guilty.