Our Methods

  • Refinery

  • Digital Research

  • Online Ideation

  • Idea-Cept Creation Restaurant

The Challenge

Following a syntheses of existing research, the Global Menu team for McDonald’s identified chicken as a focus area for their menu pipeline. They also resolved to prioritize consumer benefits over restaurant implications when developing ideas for new chicken menu offerings.

The Objectives

  • Refine the research and find a way to include team members worldwide in the ideation.

  • Shift focus from chicken attributes (e.g. bone-in, whole non-frozen) to consumer benefits that could guide the creation of a winning chicken platform for their brand.

  • Determine how to best deliver the consumer benefit through their chicken menu options and redefine their menu items in the minds of consumers.

Our Empathic Approach

Our consultants mined the existing materials and conducted additional online research to empathically connect the McDonald’s team with their consumers. Armed with a better understanding of consumer needs, they defined specific focus areas for ideation. SEEK selected creativity principles to frame their ideation session. We customized our modules to lead a live online workshop that enabled the participation of their global team members. Following the ideation session, SEEK’s brand and creative team brought their top ideas to life to share within their organization and with consumers for further testing.

As a Result

  • “For The Love of Chicken” was the top idea tested with consumers in the US, Columbia, France, UK and Australia.

  • Following the initial testing we worked with their team to further refine the top 4 ideas at their Global Menu Council meeting and those ideas were shared with senior leadership.

  • In March, 2015 the brand officially announced plans to begin phasing out the use of chicken raised with antibiotics from their menu offerings.

EdisonTM Big Idea Concept