Our Methods

  • Big Idea Generation

  • Consumer Pre-work Assignment

  • Co-creation & SharkTank Competition

The Challenge

TIKI entered the Fire Pit category with a new-to-world product. As the category was a new realm for TIKI to play in, the opportunity to create lifelong loyalists was high, but understanding of their target consumer and their role in TIKI’s aggressive market entry plan was minimal. SEEK’s Creative Team was tasked with creating a relatable and impactful strategy in the product’s positioning to garner the hearts of their audience.

The Objectives

  • Determine how the Fire Pit category lives within the current TIKI Brand in terms of naming and positioning.

  • Develop a range of product positioning options to unlock a Big Idea that would resonate with both customers and consumers.

  • Identify the most compelling and differentiated positioning to enter the market.

Our Empathic Approach

We began with a Knowledge Audit to dig into the insights and learnings from TIKI. We grounded ourselves in their identified consumer segments mindsets to better gain an empathic understanding of the prioritized targets. From that foundation, our Creative and Brand Strategy teams created a multitude of differentiated positioning possibilities, ultimately landing on five of the strongest to test with consumers, as well as create SharkTank style pitches of their favorites to see how consumers would put their spin on our ideas. With target consumers input in mind, the positioning were further refined with mood boards, stylistic cues and meaningful benefits and sentiment copy.

Mood board used to give consumers an idea of the product's look and feel, prior to its creation.

As a Result

TIKI walked away with a deeper human understanding of how their target audience thinks about and interacts with the brand and Fire Pit category as well as:

  • A comprehensive approach for branding the new product and how to communicate its value to the lives of their consumers.

  • A differentiated and impactful brand identity that consumers not only loved, but quickly related to and found a place for in their outdoor living.

Click here to view product on the TIKI website.