COVID19 Human Stories

At SEEK, we are genuinely humbled by humanity. As the world faces a challenge we have never seen in our lifetime, we’ve been asking ourselves, “How can we help?”

We aren’t medical experts or infectious disease experts. We can’t produce ventilators or vaccines. BUT, we know people, and we know how to tell their stories in a meaningful way to inspire action.

In this video series, SEEK sat down (virtually) with individuals across the nation from different backgrounds to share their stories and experiences with COVID-19. From essential workers to high risk patients in quarantine, we were humbled by their resilience, optimism, and openness.

This first installment features Jamie, a 62 year old wife, mother and grandmother living in a suburb outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. Jamie is a special education teacher who has been battling lymphoma for two years. As a result, she has self-quarantined and had to adjust her lifestyle to stay safe in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We talked to Jamie about a wide range of subjects covering interacting with family, managing her health care, how she deals with the news, and what she’s most looking forward to when all of this is over. Here is Jamie’s story in her own words.

Our second video features Emily, a 26 year old wife and mother of two living in Kentucky. Emily teaches homeschool for other families; she and her husband are now working from home and splitting childcare duties for their “2 under 2.” She has only left her house once since mid March. We talked to Emily about how these Coronavirus-induced changes have impacted her relationships, shopping habits, and emotional wellbeing. Here is Emily’s story in her own words.

Our next video features Mike, an essential employee working for a Medevac company in Oklahoma, transporting patients to the hospital. Fear is always a part of his job, but the addition of COVID-19 is an added layer of stress. When he isn’t worrying about keeping his patients and family safe, he’s balancing childcare for his 3 year old daughter, whose mother is also an essential employee. We talked to Mike about how he’s getting through this difficult situation and what he sees for the future.

This video features Alyssa, a performer and bartender in New York City. Alyssa makes her living by connecting with people, so life during COVID-19 has been a major adjustment. Issues with internet lag (which you’ll see in her video!) have made tools for connection, like Zoom, very frustrating to use but essential to connect with her friends and family. We talked to Alyssa about how this has impacted life in NYC, her shopping habits, her media consumption, and her worries about what life will be like on the other side of this.

Our next video features Chris, a longshoreman working in Charleston, SC. While most people he interacts with are taking the situation seriously, he worries that complacency will lead to a second wave of the virus and how that may impact his mom (a nurse) and his dad (a police officer.) We talked to Chris about how COVID-19 has impacted his everyday, what he misses most right now, and what he sees for the future. Here is Chris’s story in his own words.

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