Innovations We Love: April

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  • by SEEK Team

COVID-19 has been reshaping our world lately, affecting nearly everything we touch and see. Consumers are looking to companies to innovate and take the lead when resources are scarce. In particular, we want to highlight the brands that are shifting their core competencies and retrofitting their resources to help those most vulnerable to coronavirus. Take a look at what we’ve been noticing below… 

INNOVATION: Dyson is Going Into Production For Ventilators 

Why We Love It: 

“What sticks out is the speed with which they were able to design it, in just ten days. Dyson is brilliant. I give them a new title: Masters of Disasters. They have always been known for amazing high quality sleek designs with their cordless vacuum cleaners, but to be able to create a totally new machine so quickly is unbelievable.” –Celia Cappozzo, Research and Innovation Consultant 

INNOVATION: LVMH is Making Hand Sanitizer 

Why We Love It: 

“LVMH is known for its luxury brands in fashion and beauty. This brand pivot feels right as opposed to continuing to sell what they typically do and appearing tone deaf.” –Niyah Jackson, Marketing Intern 

INNOVATION: Hanes’ Making Face Masks

Why We Love It: 

“It reminds me how during World War 2 the factories that used to make consumer goods were converted to create military goods (e.g. Maytag with airplane parts, Ford with B2 bombers, Chrysler with Jeep & Tanks). It SAVED those companies during WW2 and most of them are still relevant 80 years later.” –Zak Renzetti-Voit, Client-Engagement Director

Note: Many companies are shifting to produce things from ventilators, hand sanitizer, and face masks. Keep track of who’s doing what here.

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