What Does Pride Mean To You?

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  • by SEEK Staff

June is such a joyous month. It marks the beginning of Summer, sees an uptick in community festivities and (if you’re not in Ohio) offers plenty of sunny days. The month of June is joyous for an even bigger reason; it’s the month in which we join together to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and inclusivity through Pride month. 

What we love about Pride is that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or who you love - it’s for anyone and everyone. And it’s a celebration that reminds us that at the end of the day we’re all connected by one thing: humanity. At SEEK, we know that practicing empathy allows us to gain an understanding of others. And the first step towards understanding others is first acknowledging that we all have differences. To us, that’s what Pride is all about: Understanding that we’re all different in our own way, and choosing to love and support one another regardless. 

Pride means something a little different to everyone. In honor of Pride Month, we asked our team to answer this question:

What does Pride mean to you?

Here’s what they said:

“To me, Pride means not owing anyone an explanation for who you are and who you love. 

There was a time where I thought others deserved a reason for why I am the way that I am; I cared more about helping others feel comfortable rather than learning to be comfortable in my own skin. When I did this, it hindered the authenticity and genuine connection I had in many of my relationships. This all felt like the opposite of what Pride stands for: I wasn't proud enough of who I was to simply be me without making an excuse for it.

That's what I love so much about the month of Pride. It's a time where we recognize the differences each of us has; instead of making excuses, we're making space for each other to be exactly who we are. During the month of Pride, I've watched so many individuals open their arms wide to those who are completely unique to them. It's the most beautiful example of what SEEK describes as remembering the common human bond. For a moment, the whole world seems to remember this. Our differences are celebrated, not argued. 

Pride is something that isn't all inclusive to specifically one gender, one race, one sexual orientation, or one type of person. It's remembering what it means to all be human, together. 

Pride means proud and free to be who you want to be. No. Excuses.” - Sarah Urmston

“Having grown up in a community that pretended that Pride did not exist, this month has taken on more and more meaning as I age.  As my relationships and friendships deepened and my opportunity to even be around diversity has increased, Pride is something that is very meaningful to me.  I am so happy to have a month to celebrate those that are different than me, and clearly wish it was more than a month. At some point - Pride Month turns into Pride Year and eventually - Pride Life.  What a wonderful time to be alive!” - Lane Byrum

“To me, Pride is about recognizing that pursuing love and expression of who you genuinely are our inalienable rights and that our pride is not just in who we are as individuals, but in slowly becoming more and more of a society that fights its way through prejudice and the struggle of change to embrace that collective belief.” - Justin Masterson

“Pride is an expression of Love, Authenticity, & Inclusion.” - Krissy Little

As the end of Pride Month is quickly upon us, we’ve got one question for you: What does Pride mean to YOU? Join our discussion on LinkedIn!