Brand Strategy

We believe that successful brands are created by keeping the consumer at the heart of their work.

We inject humanity into our brand positioning work by leveraging empathy to understand and respond to consumer needs and motivations. Because when human insights, brand equity, and strategy come together, business-building big ideas are born.

Signature Programs

  • Blueprint

  • Brand Strategy Brief & Go

Blueprint Workshop

Human Insight-Infused Brand Positioning and Strategy to Build Differentiated and Meaningful Brands

  • What You Will Do
  • Work begins with a client brief and rich on-boarding including stakeholder interviews to deeply understand the issues the brand is facing and what success looks like.

  • Your team participates in a one day SEEK-led Brand Blueprint Positioning Workshop to help unleash the best thinking using SEEK's proprietary Ideation methods.

  • We work with you to find and connect the "golden thread" between current brand equity, desired brand status, deep customer insight and competitive differentiation.

  • What You Will Get
  • 8-10 unique brand positioning Blueprint starters that ​the SEEK team will sharpen and polish post the session ​which can ​continue to be honed into ​testable ​Brand-cepts

  • When You Need It
  • When your brand is in need of a brand refresh and/or re-positioning ​or​ is ​out-of-touch with ​​your consumer.

  • When you ​need to position a new brand​/product for launch​

  • When you have an engaged multi-functional team ​that wants to create together in a workshop format.

Brand Strategy Brief & Go

Quickly get brand positioning and strategy that uses empathy to differentiate your brand

  • What You Will Do
  • Onboard the SEEK Brand Strategy Team with a client brief and stakeholder interviews so they can deeply understand the issues the brand is facing and what success looks like.

  • The SEEK Team then works independently to quickly develop a full array of differentiated but meaningful brand positionings/strategies which we present back and iterate on with your team.

  • What You Will Get
  • 8-10 unique brand positioning idea starters that can continue to be honed into Brand-cepts

  • When You Need It
  • When you need current or new brand positioning work​ done, but internal resources or timing ​are​ tight

  • When you want objective, outside thinking and creativity from brand strategy experts​

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