Ideas can be powerful - especially when they are infused with an empathic insight and solve for a tension.

By leveraging our exclusive Creativity Principles and more than 100 customizable ideation modules, we unlock people’s imagination to develop meaningful ideas for products, services, and brands.

Signature Programs

  • Edison

  • Big Ideas

  • Auction


SEEK’s signature ideation program that leverages core principles of human creativity to generate big ideas and visually bring them to life.

  • What You Will Do
  • Participate in a 1-3 day workshop to create big ideas and bring them to life in real time

  • We harness empathic responses and the collective creative power of your team to generate meaningful ideas

  • Activities chosen from our library of more than 100 ideation modules informed by our proprietary 10 Creativity Principles spark transformational thought by charging participants’ creative capacities

  • What You Will Get
  • It's fast! You walk away with ideation boards that bring each idea to life, and grounds it in the power of possibility

  • Game-changing empathic ideas that resolve consumer tensions

  • We can help further develop the ideas generated in the workshop into high quality, fully thought out, business building platforms to inspire a consumer-centric experience - we call them Big Ideas

  • When You Need It
  • Insights are getting lost in the creative brief process, and you need to bring them to life

  • You are looking to refresh or fill your innovation pipeline

  • You need marketing communication that differentiates you from your competition.

Big Ideas

Human Insight-Infused "Big Ideas" to build your brand.

  • What You Will Do
  • Big Ideas can be approached two ways: 1.Spark Ideation Session or 2.Brief & Go

  • SEEK works independently to sharpen, polish and transform idea starters into consumer-ready, quant testable Big Idea-cepts

  • What You Will Get
  • 10-12 insight-infused and human-centric Big Idea-cepts that are ready to be vetted with consumers

  • When You Need It
  • For new product/concept development to set a guiding "North Star" idea for your innovation

  • A product relaunch or commercial innovation to freshen up brand messaging.


A fast-paced, high-energy, Sotheby's style experience for evaluating concepts.

  • What You Will Do
  • A professional auctioneer holds a live idea auction. The bidding environment engages consumers and quickly hones in on the most powerful concepts.

  • Evaluate and gather authentic feedback on a large number of ideas fast

  • After the auction, we debrief consumers in a small-group setting to understand what drove their bidding behavior

  • What You Will Get
  • Find ideas that resonate with the people you serve

  • Up to 15 concepts can be tested, and you obtain rich pro/con learnings on each as the leading ones quickly rise to the top

  • Leading concepts emerge, with rapid and actionable feedback that you apply before quant testing

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