Our empathic insights highlight the intersection between human truth and unresolved tensions

We interact with consumers in a true human way, using empathy to connect with them as people. This allows us to push beyond the surface, tap into the subconscious and gain a deeper understanding of the human experience.

Empathic Insight = human truth + tension

Signature Programs

  • Red Door

  • Consumer Connects

  • Refinery

  • #NoFilter

  • Jury

  • The Basics

Red Door

Our flagship insights program harnesses empathy to develop truly human insights and ideas. We use your team’s humanity to connect, create, and resonate with the people they serve.

  • What You Will Do
  • Empathy training equips your team with tools and skills needed to empathically connect with the people you serve

  • Immersions take you directly into your consumer's life and deepen your understanding of their needs, wants, motivations and emotions

  • You collaborate with the SEEK team for the Red Door Synthesis, transforming raw data into empathic insights

  • Together, we use the empathic insights to create meaningful ideas the resonate

  • What You Will Get
  • Empathic insights that identify clear consumer tensions that serve as the springboard for impactful ideas

  • You’ll receive a full report detailing the research journey including key insights, tensions, opportunities, and recommendations

  • We apply storytelling techniques to preserve the humanity in the data and bring the empathic insights and ideas to life

  • When You Need It
  • When you are looking for deep foundational insights

  • You need to transform the relationship your team has with the people they serve

  • You want to understand the human behind the consumer

  • Surface level insights just won’t cut it

Consumer Connects

Get out from behind the glass and connect face-to-face with the people you serve.

  • What You Will Do
  • Experience true engagement with consumers - sitting at the table with them, side-by-side, instead of behind the glass

  • Gain a baseline understanding of their behavior through activities designed around the business objective

  • A SEEK consultant moderates the discussion, while you observe, take notes, and create a more human connection with consumers

  • What You Will Get
  • An empathic connection with your consumer

  • You leave with a deeper understanding of the needs, wants, and desires of your consumer

  • SEEK produces a comprehensive report summarizing the insights and themes that emerge

  • When You Need It
  • For quick concept iteration or co-creation with consumers

  • When you need to talk to more people and gain a high level understanding of consumer perceptions

  • You want to know how people feel about brand or have some insights already and want to explore further


Transform category insights into empathic ones by injecting empathy into work that has already been done.

  • What You Will Do
  • Identify existing category insights to transform

  • SEEK facilitates your team in unpacking the insights to uncover the consumer’s patterns, core tensions, and roots beneath their behavior

  • Insights are rewritten to elicit empathy and inspire your team to act on the consumer’s behalf in a more meaningful way

  • What You Will Get
  • Category insights that are transformed in actionable empathic insights

  • Empathic insight territories with clearly articulated tensions, stakes, and opportunities to inspire innovation

  • When You Need It
  • When you have existing research that needs a boost

  • When observations from research need to be transformed into insights that will stand out, stand up and be memorable

  • Your prior research is un-scaleable, non-shareable, and un-actionable


Tune into what people are already saying about your brand on social media.

  • What You Will Do
  • A SEEK consultant uses our proprietary #nofilter methodology to observe conversations taking place on social media platforms

  • We read and hand-pick from thousands of comments, blogs, photos and exchanges on the web to find overarching driving themes and their supporting evidence.

  • What You Will Get
  • You’ll get a summary of key themes - category, brand and competition, associations, drivers, and barriers, with exemplary verbatims and images as support

  • Eavesdrop without influencing discussion and walk away with consumer feedback to further optimize concepts

  • When You Need It
  • You need a general consumer understanding about consumer thoughts in a given market, category, or compared to competitors

  • You want to know what consumers are saying about ________

  • When you need something on the front-end of research to deliver context or enhance the discussion guide


Put your brand, product or idea on trial in a courtroom style debate between loyalists and detractors to uncover passion and intrigue.

  • What You Will Do
  • A team immersion with a passionate, one-hour courtroom style debate between consumers both for and against your brand and products

  • Each team must argue why their choice is the better one and why they should win the “case”

  • Just like a real courtroom, the teams present opening and closing arguments as well as rebuttals and a “judge” determines the verdict

  • What You Will Get
  • The team will walk away with foundational depth and understanding surrounding the category as a whole

  • Your team will have clear understanding of consumer perceptions, motivators, pain points and language

  • The richest learning comes from the passionate debate that arises.

  • You’ll also get a management summary with the templates, the stenographer’s notes, and synthesized learnings including key insights, opportunities and recommendations.

  • When You Need It
  • You want to get a closer look at brand perceptions

  • You need to identify barriers to purchase

The Basics
  • In person
  • Empathic Immersions

  • Focus Groups

  • In-Depth-Interviews

  • Shop-alongs

  • Digital
  • Online Focus Groups

  • Ongoing Panels

  • Mobile Missions

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