Storytelling Deliverables

Our Studio Team offers creative, inspiring ways to bring empathic insights and ideas to life, keeping them alive beyond the project. Even when getting face-to-face with consumers isn’t an option, we ensure you can connect deeply with those you serve through meaningful deliverables.

Signature Programs

  • Encounter

  • Photo Essay

  • Documentary

  • Clips

  • Short

  • Quickcard


Encounter Kits are an ongoing, curated collection of items uniquely designed to immerse your team in who the consumer is, long after the research ends.

  • Team members can come together to learn more about their consumers through a variety of experiential stimuli and data—ranging from insights to trends. We develop custom assets exclusive to your organization. These distinct kits will enable a cohesive and engaging experience at every touchpoint.

Photo Essay

A Photo Essay integrates powerful photography and a custom-written narrative.

  • A creative, consumer story that has its roots deeply planted in an empathic insight. The depth and breadth are delivered in a beautifully crafted journal that is a potent reminder of the insights gained and of the human being behind the insight.


The very human story of your consumer.

  • A five-to-seven minute cinematic presentation serves to power the empathic connection forward through your organization. A driving narrative not only moves people together, it compels them into action.

  • After the research is completed, SEEK’s Studio team returns to handpicked consumers and professionally films them in their homes, in their environments, and in their words. Creative videography and post-production weave together a story that is emotional, heartfelt, and true.


Clips carefully lines up a curated collection of raw video footage.

  • While in field, our consultants record the interviews with consumers (sometimes with just a camera on a phone). Hours of footage are edited so that you not only get to hear what was said, but you get to see the person who said it. SEEK’s Studio team carefully and creatively pieces together the parts, and turns them into a meaningful whole.


Short is a brief film that packs a powerful punch.

  • A carefully crafted combination of stock imagery and video with an artfully scripted voiceover. It is this careful, thoughtful creation that allows the tensions your consumers are facing to show through in such a way that it is felt deeply. It’s felt in the gut. The insight you gain is not lost. Not forgotten. It is given life. And in short, longevity.


Quick Cards handle an incredible variety of information.

  • These brilliant designs allow users to easily absorb what is most relevant using text, charts, pictures, and lists. Simple, streamlined, and easy to digest, this is a perfect way to summarize a large breadth of content—quickly. Digitally. Or in print.

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