As a Director of Accounts and Development, I lead and manage the Senior Account Strategist team, overseeing account management and consultant development in order to enable and promote growth within SEEK. I feel a responsibility to push our team and clients to truly see consumers for who they are - people - and ultimately foster empathic connections with these people in order to better themselves and their business.

In addition to this, I also lead SEEK’s Digital Team, working to identify the best digital methodologies, platforms, and partners to utilize in the ever changing landscape of research.

Hope Norman
What's your background?

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, I made my way to Cincinnati to attend Xavier University. After graduating with degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies, I started working at SEEK in 2010 while getting my MBA. Over the years, I have spent time learning from amazing people in a variety of industries including CPG (specifically Baby Care, Fem Care, and Personal Care), Food and Bev, and Consumer Healthcare/Pharma.

Favorite book, quote or song?

Favorite Quote: Make It Happen.

Favorite Card Game: Nerts

Favorite Distraction: Anything that sparkles

Favorite Work Field Trip: (Norwood) Creamy Whip

Favorite Rule of Thumb: If an email takes 5 minutes or less to answer or take care of, just do it.

Something you’ve written or found inspiring

Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday Podcast - a quick (30 minute) inspiring, thought-provoking podcast.