I am in charge of our Strategy work, which is a way of saying I have been around long enough see paths forward that may otherwise be obscured.

Jordann Ndoye
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  • Resident Affable Skeptic & Connector of Thoughts

What's your background?

During college, I fell in love with storytelling and the depth of human stories via a gig with our NPR station.  After years as a feature producer both for radio and video, I was stunned to find that discovering human insights and leveraging their stories to change brands/products was a job.  I took that job at Seek, and have been in love with human-centered innovation ever since.

Favorite book, quote or song?

Everyday Bourbon: Elijah Craig

Mid-90’s pinball table: Theatre of Magic

Under-celebrated bass player: Edgar Myer

Disney Princess: Rapunzel

Guilty book pleasure: Anything by Chuck Palahniuk

Lawn-mowing listening: “My Brother, My Brother and Me” Podcast

Dad Joke Punchline: “No son, πr round, cornbread r2!”

Something you’ve written or found inspiring

I am hooked on the Stuff You Should Know podcast right now; it feeds my knowledge-hoarding side in tiny bite-sized increments.