I grow businesses and ideas. My mind is always moving and I’m always curious - probably too often starting sentences with “I wonder…”.  As a Senior Account Strategist, I’m intrigued by stories and believe in the general good of people. Give me a whiteboard or some sticky-notes and we’ll dissolve and resolve until we find the optimal solution.

Rachel Brennan
What's your background?

I've been a higher-ed professional; an outdoors guide; a photographer; a landscaper. A musician wanna-be; soccer player; car-tinker; attempted engineering student. Underneath it all, a son; a brother; a friend; a husband. 

I say this as it’s my story; my evolution. All of this is the same foot with a different shoe: in everything I’ve done, it’s the ‘getting to and through’ that drives me. I have an undying love to understand. At first it was with adjudicated youth, college students and universities; startups and nonprofits; foundations and businesses; now, national and global organizations. 

I bridge diverse experiences across strategy, design thinking, and human understanding, to grow businesses, communities, and impact. I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs find their footing and launch towards their potential, as well as brands you use everyday reimagine their products, strategy, and positioning.

I have designed & led ideation projects with global brands, rebranded D1 universities, bootstrapped & VC-pitched startups, and guided C-suites to launches of new ventures. Whether it be in consumer packaged goods or social enterprises rethinking communities, I help companies get through roadblocks to the vision they seek. 

See what I did there?

Favorite book, quote or song?

Favorite Quote“Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.” -Edward Abbey

Favorite Songs: Soulive with Dave Matthews’s Joyful Girl. Or maybe The Dig’s Sick, Sad Morning. Or maybe Astronautali and This is Our Science. Or Monophonic’s cover of Bono’s Bang Bang. Though I do love Andrew Bird’s Plasticities.

Something you’ve written or found inspiring

Leave it to consultants who are always traveling to point to a magazine left on an airplane, but I’m incredibly inspired by an article about Sean Sherman, the aptly-nicknamed ‘Sioux Chef’ of Minneapolis that is revitalizing indigenous, Native American cuisine. His love and dedication to understanding and utilizing the world around him is something inspiring yet unfortunately uncommon.