Though this line of work encourages curiosity, I've really been asking too many questions for my entire life leading up to SEEK. As a Research and Innovation Associate, I have the enormous pleasure of getting to be myself. My job is to be passionate about all of the twists and turns that come with each project, to be curious about people and ask the important questions that foster human connections, and to bring a creative writer’s perspective in bringing insights and tensions to life.

Natalie George
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What's your background?

While I graduated college in May 2017, I’ve been thinking and asking too many questions for 23 years now. I like to wonder about people and why they think how they think, and have a knack for writing and telling stories. My professional experience comprises of journalism, international communications, research and branding. Ultimately, working at SEEK was a no-brainer as I constantly use skills developed in all of these areas, and I get to learn how to be a better person while I’m at it.

Favorite book, quote or song?

“Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. It was a song that my grandma loved and so it reminds me of her loving spirit everytime I listen. The song’s message is an encouraging reminder that we are all human, and in face of struggle, we have to keep moving.

Something you’ve written or found inspiring

“How I Learned to Stop Being a “Chill Girl” and Start Being Me” by Martine Thompson. It talks about how women shouldn’t stop giving in to the pressure to suppress their emotions to avoid negative stereotypes (ie “clingy”, “needy”, “too much), and to please others. Rather, they should be able to navigate express their true self. I think this applies to everyone, not just women.

You are allowed to feel. Your feelings are valid. And no one should make you feel less, broken, or messed up because you have them. Emotions are something to embrace, and we should revel in who we are.

Written recently:

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