After spending 10 years as a consultant at SEEK, I moved into a role where I get to present the heart of SEEK to existing clients and soon-to-be clients.  Having SEEK firmly embedded in my being allows me to first connect with the humans that WE hope to serve in order to help them connect with the humans THEY hope to serve.

I love the challenge of figuring out if our passions and stories are going to intersect and how that will affect us both.

Kellie Coppola
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  • Feeler of Profound Sonder, Mixtape Master, Connection Seeker

What's your background?

The plan was to be working with teens as a profession. I loved helping them discover and write their own life stories. That grew deeper when I joined SEEK to begin uncovering the stories of the consumers - humans - that companies hoped to serve.

Favorite book, quote or song?

Favorite Musical Artists:  I am a huge Prince fan. It started with 1999 and then grew as I built a catalog of all his work and every protege I could find.

On the flip I also love me some country music - the category contains the greatest storytellers to this day.

Favorite Distraction: Once I get to know you … I’ll want to make you a playlist.  I have a confessional playlist on Spotify that I share with close friends - Songs in the Key of Lane.

Favorite Football Team: University of Georgia Bulldogs

Favorite Rule of Thumb: Listen first.  Listen second. Talk third.

Something you’ve written or found inspiring

Because of the climate we are in, I’ve gone back to the writing of Aaron Sorkin, who wrote the greatest intro to any television show ever written.  The opening of HBO’s The Newsroom -   Key last phrase … but it can be.  There is always hope!