I’m a Senior Research and Innovation Consultant which means I leverage tools rooted in the science and practice of empathy to help brands penetrate and internalise the real human story that lies beyond “thick data”.

Zak Renzetti-Voit
What's your background?

Growing up in a village in Scotland, I was drawn to new horizons and to getting to know different people and their culture from the inside out. Often, being an outsider can help you see others in a clearer way than they can see themselves.

I studied English and French, and minored in psychology. Before going to college, I spent a year living with a family in Belgium to really immerse myself in their language and culture. Other immersive experiences include a year at Geneva University on an exchange scholarship, and two years as a language assistant at a college in France (where I also founded and directed a student theater group on a volunteer basis).

Moving into consumer research definitely felt like a great fit for me. I spent eight years at P&G’s European headquarters in Switzerland, where I worked in Global Prestige Fragrances and Western European Oral Care on big-name brands such as Hugo Boss and Crest. Exposure to categories as different fragrances and oral care gave me a flavor of how much consumer and market dynamics can differ depending on the category in question.

During the daily course of my work I was routinely exposed to a broad range of quantitative and qualitative research techniques ranging from initiative qualification testing, volume forecasting, and econometric modeling to qualitative approaches such as ZMET. I learned when and where to use research tools in the design and implementation of strategic learning plans. I also gained an appreciation for the broader business as a whole through interaction with other business partners in my role of representing the voice of the consumer on multifunctional teams.

Three Scottish-Canadian babies and one trans-Atlantic move later, I took a break to focus on my family before finding a new way to train my lens on other exciting businesses via a consulting role at SEEK. I am excited to return to work as part of a dynamic and creative team.

Outside of work, I can be found at the hockey rink or the soccer field cheering on my kids. I also dabble in mini home renovation projects, and enjoy time with friends, running (The Bourbon Chase and Indy Marathon), skiing, chocolate, cheese, wine, fondue and keeping up my French - much of which goes a long way to explaining why I like to call the Swiss Alps my spiritual home and try to return there as often as I can.

Oh, and my kids find me hilarious. (Someone has to!)

Favorite book, quote or song?


Groundhog Day (Bill Murray’s facial expressions…)


Swiss Fendant - or a vin chaud on the slopes


Unashamedly mainstream - anything danceable.

Manual or automatic transmission:

Obstinately manual in an automatic world (but otherwise “techy”).

Something you’ve written or found inspiring

Julie Wainright’s story - founder of therealreal.com. A female entrepreneur in her 60s, she overcame many setbacks to start a successful business founded on a strong and differentiated consumer insight that came to light when she was shopping with a friend and noticed “unusual behavior”.

Smartcuts by Shane Snow - how lateral thinking can help people and companies pivot and progress more quickly.

“Like, Woah!” - scribbled on a sparkly Post-It note on the printer at SEEK.