I am the Human Resources Director at SEEK. I work on all things people and culture including everything from recruiting, hiring, payroll and on boarding to planning staff meetings, staff events, culture surveys, and benefits.

Rachel Brennan
What's your background?

I grew up in north central Indiana and studied Health Science at Ball State University. I moved to Cincinnati to pursue an internship with the American Lung Association and while completing my internship, I took a part time job in retail. I loved serving people. I spent the next seventeen years working in the retail industry. Twelve of those years were spent at Apple. Once I had my youngest child, continuing in the strenuous role of Store Leader no longer seemed an option for me or our family. I took on a new role where I spent a majority of my time recruiting and staffing hiring events. I decided to go back to school at Indiana Wesleyan University for Human Resources Management because the of the large amount of HR touch points I had during my time in the Store Leader role.

SEEK took a chance on me giving me my first HR gig. I started as an HR Admin and grew my role at SEEK with time, experience, and the support I was able to provide.

Favorite book, quote or song?

Favorite Band: Barenaked Ladies - they have the best live shows