I relentlessly search for answers to the question “Why?” It’s the second word I ever said (over and over) and I haven’t stopped since. As a Senior Research and Innovation Consultant, I design and implement full-service solutions for companies that want change: change in what they make, change in how they think about their consumers, change in the way they do business. Empathy is a daily practice and my goal is to make you think about people and brands in new ways.

What don’t I do?

Things the way you’ve always done them without question. Strict processes. Hierarchy. Abstaining from wine.

Natalie George
What's your background?

13 years in advertising and brand consulting with experience in a broad range of categories, companies and countries. I’ve advised brands across the globe and across industries: from consumer goods to retail to beauty to finance and most recently in telecom and media services. I have a knack for connecting dots and inspiring others. Born to multi-cultural parents, fluent in Arabic, sharp-witted and a mean cook. Always chasing live music, good food and full-belly laughter.

Favorite book, quote or song?

Rule of Thumb: Make better mistakes tomorrow.

Solid advice I’ll always give: Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.