As a Research and Innovation Consultant, my job is to take on a balance of responsibilities that are all designed to guide and grow the brands and companies we serve. By using my capabilities as a writer, researcher, observer, and interviewer, my research approach is to bring teams and partners alongside the journey with their consumers, encouraging them to push boundaries beyond the surface level and uncover the deeper truth of each human story.

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  • Sarah Urmston

  • Detailed Wordsmith, Diver of the Deep(er story), Turning Mess to Magic

What's your background?

My first interview was done out of my car in a parking lot. Writing for a tiny paper no one knew about, I passionately covered artist, band and film reviews, clearly recognizing that pulling together words to tell stories was exactly what I was meant to be doing my whole life. Titled as a Journalist by the University of Cincinnati, I jumped up in publication names over the course of five years - learning to listen, engage, and empathize. I then landed in a new challenge at SEEK - taking on a role that allows me to not only use my craft to capture the human story, but use it to cultivate big change in the market and the lives of who we serve.

Favorite book, quote or song?

Favorite Quote: “The universe took its time on you, crafted you precisely. To doubt how you've been created would be doubting an energy greater than us both.” -Rupi Kaur

Favorite Book: Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle

Favorite Episode of The Office: The Dinner Party

Go-To Karaoke Song: It's All Coming Back To Me Now by Celine Dion

Something you’ve written or found inspiring

An article I recently read from Darling, Magazine discusses how as we get older, our confidence slowly rolls downhill -- faster than those rollerblades I proudly sped around on as a kid. This is one of those things I ask participants in research studies to do all the time: stand up, be passionate, and share your voice. But would I personally do it myself? Great question. I can’t even bring myself to play the ukulele in front of my partner. Read for yourself: A Voice Without Fear. And let’s practice re-learning to have more freedom in our voices the same way we once did as kids. 

I’m crazy passionate about online social analysis, specifically our methodology #nofilter -- the low-hanging fruit of uncovering insights, trends, and more in research. I question we get a lot at SEEK is “What’s the difference between social listening and a #nofilter?” My recent SEEK note touches on the details of approaching the screen from an empathic lens and how this makes all the difference.