As a Research and Innovation Consultant at SEEK I walk in each day in awe knowing I have the opportunity to live my vocation, to guide, to nurture, and to inspire the creativity of those around me. As a result, companies rely on me to help approach their problems with a sense of curiosity and heightened perspective to create likable, feasible and viable solutions.

Tim Urmston
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What's your background?

After leaving my hometown, Baltimore, MD, to study mechanical engineer at the University of Dayton, I found myself at odds. I yearned for an outlet to express my creativity and the ability to use my critical thinking skills in a way more akin to the people I shared such close relationships with. In this space I found design thinking, the power to merge business strategy and the beauty of a designer’s mind to bring to life some of the world's wildest ideas, all based around the human experience. I fell in love and was hell bent on learning everything I could. After spending some time designing commercial buildings, from those that stand in the World Trade Center complex to grocery store chains, I got my feet wet in the Cincinnati start-up scene and had the privilege of finding SEEK.

Favorite book, quote or song?

"It's almost impossibly hard to design something compelling for a person whom you don't respect enough or attempt to understand" - Roger Martin, The Design of Business

Something you’ve written or found inspiring

I find the recent take on millennials very inspiring. The narrative that we as a generation are entitled, lazy, etc. When in actuality we want, what preceding generations have always desired, to just be. To live everyday as our authentic selves aside from the social norms that evoke a sense of dissonance between who we are inside and who the world wants us to be. It inspires me to go after what I want in life, regardless of the noise and to help those who just need an extra push to know, no one is better at being you, than you, so be great!