As a Research and Innovation Consultant, I nurture, grow, and inspire the creativity of interdisciplinary business teams made of C-suite executives, leaders in insight and marketing, and advertising creatives to generate new solutions through the lens of a more human-centered approach.

Tim Urmston
What's your background?

My day is equal parts challenging and fun, filled with walls covered in sticky notes, the smell of fresh sharpies and the kind of pain you get in your head from trying to immerse yourself in the lives of others. It’s never easy, always rewarding and every day I wake up in awe knowing I am able to live my vocation and play a part in shaping a world unseen. 

My journey began as a mechanical engineer— during this time I became proficient at deconstructing and solving complex problems. Although I found great pleasure in the work, I was enamored with learning about people, their motivations, their fears, what made them tick and then using this information to create something that made them say… “Ooo I want this... I needed this."

Favorite book, quote or song?

"It's almost impossibly hard to design something compelling for a person whom you don't respect enough or attempt to understand" - Roger Martin, The Design of Business

Something you’ve written or found inspiring

I’m currently in the middle of Nathan Litka’s, How to be a Capitalist Without Capital. His practices are unconventional but the most interesting thing about the book is that it shines a light on just how much the landscape has changed in the way people financially support themselves.