Deep insights lead to big ideas.

We use empathy as a technology and our proprietary methodologies to  uncover deep human insights; and bring them to life by telling impactful stories; to compel teams and businesses to action into strategy & ideation.



By taking an empathic approach, we  help our clients get better insights by connecting them with their consumers.



Utilizing core principles of human creativity, we help our clients use their insights to generate ideas.


Human Sciences

Our methods are rooted in in the human sciences of anthropology, neuroscience, psychology, and sociology.



Our studio team tells consumer stories in the mediums of film, print & interactive.

The Power of Empathy and Storytelling


Adapted from Seek Company’s CEO Tim Urmston’s live presentation, this white paper describes the power of empathy and storytelling. Stories make us feel something. Our brains are wired for stories. They are authentic human experiences that engage our imagination and help us to connect with one another empathically. When we are presented with facts and figures only the language processing part of the brain is engaged. When we hear a story, our whole brain goes to work creating images and empathic connections. Empathy is an innate problem solving mechanism. We can solve others’ problems by allowing ourselves to be encoded by their emotions as if they were our own. We call this full-body problem solving.

“These are the most human insights I have ever been given. I can really get excited about creating a campaign against these. What’s best is how you’ve brought each insight to life through movie posters and the short videos. The quality is second to none.”

— Strategic Planner, International Ad Agency

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