Innovation starts with human understanding.

Seek is a global research and innovation consultancy.  Founded on a desire to transform market research, we partner with visionary brands to help them innovate and grow from a deep understanding of the people they serve.


Innovation is a journey.  And not an easy one.  It dares us to be brave and open to new experiences. It asks us to go deep to uncover hidden truth. But we think it’s a journey worth taking because it’s filled with possibility. It connects you with real people and through the process you have the potential to make a profound difference in their lives. Our promise is to find brilliance. We find it in people and it leads to meaningful innovation.



A consumer insight rooted in empathy is the seed from which meaningful innovation can grow. We use empathy as a tool to help our clients get better insights by connecting them with the real people they serve.  Our desire is to transform market research and change the brand-to-buyer mentality into a human-to-human relationship.



A powerful insight should not be left to chance. We understand team dynamics and the science behind how people create. Utilizing core principles of human creativity, we help our clients use their insights to generate ideas for a new message, product or service that is meaningful to consumers and delivers on business goals.

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