Our Story

In 1997, Bob died. You didn’t know Bob.

But, you do.

Bob and Tim used to walk into work together from the parking lot by their towering office building. Every day, Bob would count down the days until his retirement, just waiting for his chance to focus on his passions and the things he cared about. He had thirty years of expertise and endless potential to create something remarkable; all that stood between him and his realizing that potential was a handful of weeks at work.

On January 22, Bob died. That day, Tim quit his job, and SEEK was born.

Tim set out to create a market research company that got to the core of the human experience. Specifically, he experimented with translating the brand-to-buyer relationship into a human-to-human one. As he attracted other experimenters, SEEK began to grow.

In 2003, Tim found Jerry Haselmayer, a like-minded dissident and fellow visionary. Jerry’s business experience had instilled in him a passion for getting the very best out of an organization and all the individuals inside of it. This joint ownership set SEEK hurtling toward something brilliant. Together, Tim and Jerry grew a company of risk-takers hellbent on finding a better way to release potential in people.

Our clients liked it and wanted more.

They asked for us to take their work beyond research. We began leading ethnographic immersions and delivering multi-media storytelling. Our clients loved the inspiration that surfaced from becoming deeply involved in the consumer story. And again, they wanted more.

Gathering the power of an inspired team, we accepted the invitation to lead their ideation work. Our method was a natural progression of the principles that guided our consumer interactions.

Empathy = smarter, faster decisions.

Our Process

SEEK is an innovation boutique.

We deliver innovations from empathic insights for the world’s most visionary brands. We inspire companies to connect with their consumers on a deeper level by challenging our clients to change company-to-consumer transactions into human-to-human engagement.

Human Understanding + Empathic Engagement + Transformative Ideas = Empathic Innovation


The human experience is the one commonality we all share.  We know that you can not bring about meaningful brand, culture, and life change without in-depth knowledge of WHO and WHY.  Empathy is the key to this understanding.  We aren’t one of the empathy people. 
We are THE empathy people.


True engagement leads to lasting connection. But it cannot be attained with reports and quant data. We help companies to gain real insight on their target consumer and open the door to true engagement.  Then, our Studio team, an in-house team of designers and storytellers, brings it all to life.

See Our Studio Work


The ideation process allows for the exploration, expansion and expression of the ideas which fuel innovation. Through empathic interactions with consumers, SEEK discovers meaningful ideas in everyone, everywhere.  We project those ideas into commercial, marketing, product, or system innovations.

proprietary method expertise


Our Work & Clients

We are attracted to the visionary and adventurous type… and they are attracted to us.  These are people who want to make massive meaningful brand and marketplace innovations.  

Just to name a few who have journeyed with us:



Our Experts


Meet Our Expert Partners


Our home base is Cincinnati, but we are avid world and local travelers.  In our journey to be at the cusp of innovation and human understanding, we’ve set up shop in a few more cities as well.  You’ll also find us in San Francisco, Boston, and Chicago.

We would very much like to engage in this conversation with you.  Please challenge us.  We will do the same for you.

Looking to apply your expertise with a team of wild human experience and idea mavens?

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Contact Info

phone: 513.521.1111 | fax: 513.351.4761

SEEK Co. - 2368 Norwood Avenue - Cincinnati, OH 45212