A Special 20th Anniversary Message from a Valued Client and Friend

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  • by Tiyale Hayes

For SEEK’s 20th Anniversary this year, we asked a few of SEEK’s most loyal clients to share their favorite memories of working with SEEK over the years. We were honored and overjoyed to receive so many kind words and fond memories from our friend and long-time business partner Tiyale Hayes, Senior Vice President of Consumer Insights at BET.  

From project to project, we have learned and grown so much together. We often feel like we are getting the better end of the deal working with clients like Tiyale. What an honor to hear that we’ve also been a blessing to one of our valued clients! 

We are dedicating an entire blog post to Tiyale’s fondest memories of working with SEEK over the past couple of decades. Thank you, Tiyale! These words mean everything to us.

Happy 20th anniversary, SEEK Company. Some people say that the interest of the person and the company are interconnected. I would’ve never guessed that working with a group of people would not only propel my career but help shape me as a person. Your unique approach to human insight through empathy has helped me become a better business professional, husband and father. You’ve helped me see that shared humanity of individuals whether it’s deodorant, pain relievers, or black representation in media.

For years I had a letter written to us as a part of our arthritis immersion homework from a woman who described her spine as lace, with holes that create immense pain for her every day. I kept that letter on my desk for years and often took it into meetings where we were being challenged on whether we needed to launch products against the core consumer group or not.

However, most importantly I’ve made friends at SEEK.  The work we’ve done together has helped shape lasting memories and stories that I will tell my children when I’m old, like being trapped in London after the volcano eruption with Lane, starving at the Tapas restaurant with Emily, or getting sick after eating a piece of lettuce in Mexico and Justin taking me to get Tequila to help my stomach settle. By the way, it worked.

So happy 20th anniversary and here’s to 20 more.