Podcast Recommendation: Humor Us by Hidden Brain

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Our Thoughts
  • by Lane Byrum

The Hidden Brain Podcast is a favorite around the hallways/zoom screens of SEEK. While all of their episodes tend to be great, the April 19th episode titled Humor Us was one of those mind opening, life changing episodes.  

Behavioral Scientist, Jennifer Aaker of Stanford University, challenged me through this podcast to use humor even more - in a thoughtful and smart way - to make our work and our lives better. This is not about cracking jokes. This is about being human. 

At SEEK we lean in on humor as much as possible.  That does not mean we're not serious or professional - but just the opposite.  As you'll learn in this insightful podcast, humor has a way of breaking down walls, opening doors, and speeding up trust and communication.  We never weaponize humor, either.  Humor should not hurt anyone - but rather open us all up to deeper relationships. It is what opens the door to bringing our full selves to work. 

Go! listen to the podcast below and then change your world and someone else's by having a good laugh. You need it. They need it. I need it.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this episode and utilizing humor more in the workplace. Connect and share with us on LinkedIn or email me directly: lane@seekcompany.com.