Podcast Recommendation: Love Everyone Always by The School of Greatness

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Our Thoughts
  • by Zak Renzetti-Voit

Crunchy or creamy peanut butter? Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees? Democrat or Republican? Vegetarian or Meat-eater? Tupac or Biggie? Dogs or Cats? 

Conflict surrounds us daily. We see it in our news headlines, food choices, government laws, and politicians. But if you’re anything like me, my biggest conflict often comes from engaging with other people. It feels like the more we have progressed as a society, the more we have regressed at addressing conflict. Because of this, we have lost the ability to connect with other people (or things) simply because we have a different opinion or belief. So, how do we navigate loving someone that we may not agree with or may have even hurt us?

In this 2018 episode of The School of Greatness, NY Times bestseller, human rights activist, and encourager to millions, Bob Goff, shares how to “Love Everyone Always” (the title of one of his books).

I took copious notes, as I found this podcast extremely valuable. But not just because it's chocked full of wisdom and bumper sticker-like quotes. Bob does a great job at providing real-life examples and applications for how to “love your neighbor” even when it may be difficult. And yes, your neighbor can be your actual neighbor. Or if you are like me, your neighbor can be a difficult client, a moody respondent, or a challenging coworker. I’ve found that by inserting love (instead of my opinion) actually provides the greatest opportunity for learning - whether in research, in the office or at home.  

Unlike Bob, I’ve never met with 1,000+ witch doctors in my pursuit of loving others. But like Bob, I want to be better about showing people love instead of just all my opinions. So, if you do listen to this podcast, I’d love to hear from you! Especially if you disagree with what Bob shared ;)