Spotted Trend: Delivery Redefined

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  • by Niyah Jackson

The delivery landscape is constantly being redefined as players new and old try to keep up with consumer demand. Lately there’s been an emerging need for three key themes: safety, sustainability, and speed. This mini report will look at how a popular pizza chain handles delivery amidst safety concerns relating to COVID-19, a new zero-waste technology that will help alleviate environmentally harmful packaging, and a clothing store partnering with a popular food delivery app to offer same-day shipping. 

  1. Domino’s Launches Contactless Delivery Amidst Coronavirus Crisis

    Many restaurants and food delivery services are now offering contactless delivery in response to coronavirus concerns. Customers can select “no-contact delivery” as on option online/in-app, or specify so in the instructions for the driver section. Domino’s has recently joined the ranks, but takes it a step further by allowing customers to choose and define where they want their pizza to be placed, as well as setting pre-payment and pre-tipping options to minimize hand-to-hand contact. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, “Once a customer’s order has arrived, (s)he will be notified, the pizza delivery person will place the pizza on a ‘safe and clean surface’ and stand back ‘a safe distance’ until the order is picked up.” In this tumultuous time where no one can count on what their next day will look like, let alone what the future holds, agile and empathic responses from companies is a light in the darkness. 
  2. Living Packets Announces ‘THE BOX’:  Intelligent, Reusable, E-Commerce Packaging

    It’s no secret that sustainable packaging is of real concern for many consumers as the negative impacts of climate change only continue to worsen. While some brands are replacing single use plastic packaging with recyclable materials, others are leveraging technology to make a meaningful packaging change. One such company is Living Packets which recently announced its sustainable and reusable e-commerce packaging aptly named, ‘THE BOX” (officially launches next year). Features include electronic ink technology negating the need for a printed address label, an integrated holding system that eliminates the need for bubble wrap and packing material, no need for wood fibers, meaning no trees have to die, and an app that makes it easy to track shipments in real time and manage returns so it can be used over and over again. THE BOX received the 2020 CES Innovation Award, and with its 17 different patents, the company is setting the bar high for the creative ways companies can appeal to consumer demand and solve a challenging global environmental issue. 
  3. Banana Republic Uses Postmates to Deliver Clothes

    It’s evident in modern retail that convenience is king. The rise of technology has made it easier for consumers to find what they want, and get it fast. Amazon has its 2-day Prime shipping, but retailers are competing to make e-commerce deliveries even quicker. Banana Republic is one of the latest to take it up a notch with their first on-demand option in partnership with the food delivery service, Postmates. Chain Store Age explains the process, “Customers in eligible markets can select the buy online pick up in store (BOPIS) option and once they receive notification their items are available for pickup, choose to have a Postmates driver retrieve their goods and deliver them.” The newly launched service is currently offered at 15 locations in New York and Southern California. As e-commerce companies look to expand their convenient delivery options, it will be interesting to see if food delivery platforms continue to be a bridge into that foray. 

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